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Evolution Gaming launched their new game Crazy Time on the first of July. This gambling game with multi-level bonuses and multipliers was first introduced by the developer at ICE 2020.

Crazy Time is a gambling game based on the Evolution Dream Catcher money wheel mechanic. It offers gamblers four bonuses:

Cash Hunt. The player must choose one of 108 hidden multipliers. After the end of the countdown, a cannon fires, showing the gambler’s winnings.
Coin Flip. The coin toss determines the payout multiplier.
pachinko. An analogue of the famous Japanese pachinko machines. The host launches the puck. The place where it stops determines the bet multiplier.
Crazy Time. The gambler must choose a cracker: blue green or light blue. This will determine the amount of the payout. The maximum players can receive is x20,000 from the bet.
Crazy Time has been in development for a year, this is Evolution Gaming’s most expensive project. The prelaunch test period showed a high interest from the players. The main feature of Crazy Time is the integration of several advanced technologies in one game, including random number generator multipliers, augmented reality, video slots and video game elements.

According to Todd Hausshalter, Evolution’s chief product officer, the company’s goal was to create an interesting game that people would enjoy watching like a TV show.

Evolution Gaming is the largest producer of live games for online casinos. At the end of June, it became known that the company was going to acquire NetEnt, one of the most famous developers of slot machines.

Multipliers, bonus games, wheel of fortune and slots are waiting for you in Crazy Time!

Take the lead in the quiz show-inspired promotion and spin the wheel of fortune for big prizes.

Place your bets!
The game features two main elements: the money wheel, which can be used to win big prizes, and the top slot, which generates multipliers for ‘betting cells’.

If the multiplier and the cell with the bet in the top slot match, then a random multiplier will be added to the cell with the bet!

The bonus game starts only if the money wheel stops on the bonus round!

If the bonus game has been awarded a random multiplier, then the multipliers in the game will be activated at the very beginning of the game.

Below are the four bonus games:
Coin Flip – Both sides of the coin are multiplied before flipping!

Cash Hunt – Shoot the target and hit the multiplier!

Pachinko – Watch the puck move towards the end goal!

Crazy Time – Go on an adventure and get a multiplier up to 20,000!

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